What Makes a Brochure Display Stand Out?

What Makes a Brochure Display Stand Out?

You already know that brochures are a great way to highlight your services or products in print form and are especially helpful for increasing sales at trade shows and visitors’ centers. Hopefully, you’ve also mastered what it takes to create brochures that attract, inform and convert.

Displaying those brochures will be an important factor in how successfully your printed literature converts. What makes a brochure display stand out? In addition to attractive, professionally created brochures, you should consider the type of display, placement, lighting, and signage.

Let’s take a closer look at these factors impacting the success of a brochure display.

What Type of Literature Display Stand Do I Need?

a large rotating literature display in the front area of a large open office buildingMost importantly, you need a display stand that keeps your brochures and flyers well organized. Brochure display stands from Great Display Company keep pamphlets and other printed marketing materials upright and make it easy to maintain organization. Each bin cradles your marketing materials in a protective enclosure that also keeps them highly visible.

The size of your display will depend on the number of brochures you want your customers or clients to access. Do you have one or two brochures in mass quantities? A single-pocket or double-pocket display that sits on a counter or table will work well. For larger amounts of brochures, consider our tiered brochure display stands and rotating displays.

Where Should I Place My Brochure Display Stand?

Place your display stand near the entrance or close to your sales counter. In small spaces, the rotating displays or countertop stands are ideal for highlighting multiple brochure designs in a limited area while keeping them easily accessible.

Conversely, if you have room to spare, incorporate vacant space around your display. Minimalism in an otherwise crowded environment can attract attention.

Study the habits of your customers and clients for a week or so and determine where people might be waiting, standing, or interacting the most. Can your stand be situated near those spots or in their line of vision? Make sure no architectural elements (support beams or walls) disrupt their line of sight to your display.

How Can I Make Sure My Brochures Get Noticed?

In addition to a strategically positioned, professionally crafted display rack, lighting and signage can help customers notice your display and your brochures. Decorative lighting, such as LED rope lighting, can enhance the entire display stand (placed around the bottom of the unit) or illuminate the signage on top. Need help deciding how lighting might help your display stand out? We’re happy to help customize your order and welcome your questions. Our associated business has helped get brochures into the hands of thousands of travelers.

Consider offering interactive displays that serve as virtual salespeople. We offer display rack headers for customized branding and large messaging. Our literature racks with digital monitors are the perfect way to deliver your messages. If there are specifications needed for your brochure display stand, give us a call at (800) 320-2512. We can customize anything!

Literature display stands are a refreshing choice for potential customers in today’s digitally overloaded and AI-marketed world. In offices where the environment is serene, especially, a brochure display or magazine holder is the ideal way to provide ancillary information about products or services related to your business.

When you’re ready to choose the type of brochure display stand for your needs, give us a call. We offer all kinds, from floor and counter displays to tiered and rotating displays. We also customize displays to meet unique needs and welcome you to explore our gallery of custom literature displays in use.

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