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Great Display Company Manufactures Literature Racks by Hand in the USA.

A Better Way to Display

Great Display Company is owned and operated by Getaways On Display, Inc., a brochure distribution company headquartered in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our team uses and refills the same literature racks that we sell to you. This is what makes our displays different:

The Best in Quality

We hand-craft and customize our very own literature displays. That is how we offer the best in literature rack design and durability. The materials we use are both attractive and extremely durable. If you need a high quality display stand that holds your literature in an organized, easily visible way, please shop our selection.

Thoughtful Design

The design details that go into our literature racks are what really set them apart. The full face of any type of literature, from magazines to pamphlets, is visible.  We use clear plastic rods to ensure the best visibility of your literature.  The rods that hold the literature in place are also movable into higher and lower positions. This helps to secure any size literature in place. The ability to move the rods also gives you the option to quickly and easily place a rod into a lower position for easy removal of literature from the display rack for larger pieces of literature.

Great Selection and Customization

Literature displays are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from counter-top models with as few as a single pocket, to compact, spinning literature displays with up to 72 pockets, in addition to video displays. Don’t see exactly what you need? We also offer customization.


Our displays can be found in a variety of locations from travel centers to retail stores, physicians offices and dental offices as well as in government and military settings.

Our customers love our displays. If you would like to see what our customers say about us and our displays, please read our testimonials.

We Make It Easy

All racks ship fully assembled. Please select from the list of delivery options available for your convenience.

We are the only literature display producer of its kind in the nation.