Organizing Tips for Religious Centers

Organizing Tips for Religious Centers

Keeping It Neat and Getting the Word Out

Religious establishments serve as a place not just to worship, but to socialize and host events, meetings and activities. With members and visitors passing through the doors on a regular basis, your building is a prime place to distribute information to the community. If you’re tired of flyers tacked to bulletin boards, pamphlets piled on tables or papers blowing around your lobby, display racks can solve the problem.

Here are powerful ideas for getting the word out.

Choose a high traffic location.

Position your display rack where members and visitors will see it. Consider entrance ways or hallways where people can easily take information as they enter or exit and lobbies where people congregate as potential sites to position your literature.

Know your audience.

Place materials at a comfortable eye level for the intended audience – high for adults and low for children. If targeting senior citizens, offer versions of materials in large print at mid-level for easy access. Bold colors and large fonts can also help draw attention to materials you want to spotlight for maximum distribution.
Promote your organization and community.

Fill your display rack with pamphlets and brochures to highlight your organization’s services, volunteer opportunities and events. Offer community members the opportunity to display their information as well.

Keep it neat.

Allow adequate space for each piece of information in order for it to appear neat and organized. Avoid overlapping to assure information is not overlooked. Steer clear of overstuffing to prevent excess materials from ending up on the floor. Remove any seasonal or outdated information on a regular basis.

A church literature display rack from Great Display Company offers a flexible, organized way for religious organizations to distribute a large amount of information while using minimal space in high traffic areas.

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