Organizing church literature for guests – focus on making the most of the holidays

Organizing church literature for guests – focus on making the most of the holidays

Getting the right information into the hands of those who need it.

Christmas is only a week away, and although shopping and last minute preparations often absorb much of our attention, special time for family and friends and closeness is often a very difficult burden for those struggling, separated, or in financial distress. This is the time when churches and mission groups strive to gather their resources and do what they can for others in light of a season of giving. If your church displays literature, there is no better time to organize, restock, and re-evalute your plans than right now.

With years of experience in the brochure distribution sector, we understand the importance of space and display location. What you place in your displays needs to be seen, but your visitors and guests also need to move, need to browse, and need to be able to actually take materials out of the displays without damage to the literature.

Especially during the Christmas season, your literature can have major impacts on your church members, their family and friends, and anyone else with whom they come in contact. Maybe you have yet to display literature in your church, or perhaps your church members are failing to take notice of all the resources you have provided for them.

Literature Racks that are Great for Church Literature

– here’s our recommendation for you…

We design and develop display racks with both visibility and maneuverability in mind. Our most popular model, the Revolution Display sports seamless rotational capabilities without sacrificing full-faced literature visibility. Available in both 48 and 72 pockets, this durable laminated wooden rotating display made by hand right here in Lancaster, PA is a perfect choice for houses of worship, especially church libraries. A sizable selection of literature can be easily organized without clogging walking and moving room, while allowing pocket space for 8.5” x 11” magazines and sales materials, or smaller literature side-by-side such as brochures, pamphlets and tri-folds.

 With the Revolutionary Display, children can also easily access literature you display on the bottom-most racks, without easily disorganizing the literature or knocking things over, given our durable retention rods.

 Maybe you need something a little smaller? Larger? Electronic? We have all these options and more for you, including customization options. All of our larger display cases are shipped fully assembled with a flat rate of only $95 for ground shipping on our largest racks within the continental United States. We take advantage of the entire truck pallet, wrapping and securing our displays to ensure safe delivery.

Christmas is around the corner, but the Christmas season never ends. There is always time and always opportunity for Great Display, so give us a call! (800) 320-2512. Or, shop displays that are great for displaying church literature online.


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