Organizing Tips for Medical Offices

Organizing Tips for Medical Offices

Great Tips for Displaying Literature in Medical Offices.

Healthcare offices provide a variety of reading materials in their lobbies to keep patients entertained and informed while they await assistance. From magazines to medical brochures, patients have a lot of literature to sort through. Give your office an overhaul and get useful information into the hands of your patients with a display rack. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

Here are a few tips for your waiting room.

Clean up the clutter.

Use a display rack to present your patients with a well-organized selection of reading materials in your waiting room. It keeps your tables clean and clutter free and provides one central location for housing literature.

Keep it stocked and organized.

Check quantities to ensure adequate amounts of literature are available each day, but avoid overstuffing and overlapping. Arrange materials by topic to make it easy for patients to find information of interest to them – sections for entertainment, health concerns, health services and office procedures are a good place to start.
Choose a central location.

Place your display rack in a location that is free from obstacles and easily accessed from the waiting area. If topics are sensitive in nature, consider moving chairs directly beside your literature for added privacy for your patients.

Refer colleagues.

Promote other healthcare professionals who provide additional services that can benefit your patients. Although people shop around for doctors and specialists, a referral from your office might make the decision easier.

Be bold.

Make sure important information stands out! Draw attention to literature using large fonts, bright colors and prominent placement within your display rack.

Your healthcare office can benefit from a display rack because it puts a variety of literature at the fingertips of your patients on a daily basis. It gives your staff the freedom to organize materials easily and can eliminate the need to store boxes of brochures, pamphlets and journals in office closets and other administrative areas.
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