Why We Make Beautiful, Durable Literature Displays

literature displays being built by man in wood shop

Why We Make Beautiful, Durable Literature Displays

Stylish, Functional Literature Displays.

Great Display Company Offers Over Two Decades of Quality, Craftsmanship, and Thoughtful Design.

By tailoring our literature displays to our own needs– to withstand any and all high-volume traffic– we are able to maximize functionality without sacrificing style. When our parent company, Getaways On Display, was created in 1991 to distribute tourism brochures to travel agencies, we could not find the perfect display to meet our needs. Instead of searching and making compromises, we decided to design and produce our own literature displays.

Our literature displays – constructed with heated particleboard fusion and pressure-formed plastic– are so durable that even to this day, displays we placed over 15 years ago are still in use!

With over 21 years of quality, craftsmanship, and functionality, we promise durable construction. If you need a high quality, attractive rack that holds your literature in an organized, easily visible way, you can be confident when you look to us. We produce literature displays in a variety of shapes and sizes, from counter-top models with as few as 1 pocket, to compact, revolving displays with up to 72 pockets, in addition to video displays. We also offer customization.

We do not have lines and lines of machinery. Instead, we make sure each and every rack is built with care, patience, and skill. Our head carpenter Michael holds a degree in Cabinetmaking and Wood Technology from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. He has skillfully hand-crafted hundreds of quality models that are constructed of durable materials.

Not only do our literature displays outlast physical use, they are also environmentally sustainable. We construct our displays with high quality Melamine. The Melamine product is manufactured using 100% recycled and recovered wood fiber. You can be assured that you have chosen well when you purchase one of our quality literature displays.

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