How to Display Literature

a spinning literature rack full of brochures and magazines

How to Display Literature

Tips and Best Practices from the Experts on How to Display Literature for Maximum Impact.

Useful advice on how to display literature, brochures, pamphlets and magazines

Even the most well-written and eye-popping literature might gather dust if you don’t know how to display literature properly so it is organized and easily seen. Here are some tips for you to maximize traffic and interest in your displays materials: 

1. Place your rack in an open space where it can be easily seen or at a point of arrival or departure (exit and entrance doors). But be careful so as not to have your display obstruct the flow of people and cause frustration or possible injury.

2. Keep your racks stocked. A fully stocked display looks much more enticing to potential readers.

3. (But) do not overstock. Keep your racks neat, and never stuff literature into your displays. Visitors will not be able to pull anything out! Stuffing literature causes rips and bends, especially when trying to budge a single piece from the pack.

4. Secure all your literature to its exacting proportions. Our retaining rods conform to many paper sizes, and make sure your literature is both neat and held securely.

5. Depending on your aesthetic purposes, do not be afraid to decorate an area around your display with relevant items. For example, if you purchase a display for your car dealership, you may attract attention to your set-up if you tastefully place automobile memorabilia with the display, creating a specially designed space specifically for materials relevant to your dealership and the liking of your visitors. Again, be sure not to obstruct the literature racks so your guests and customers may safely and easily get to the materials.

6. Be mindful of the pockets in which you place your literature. If you stock a rotating or wall unit, be sure to place materials relevant to children on the lowest racks, and materials relevant to older visitors on the upper-racks.

We have been in the brochure and display business for a long time, and we’ve seen a lot. If you would like more advice or information regarding how to display literature materials properly, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to speak with you and work with you to choose the best display option for your particular needs.

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