Organizing Tips for Travel Centers

Organizing Tips for Travel Centers

Great Tips for Organizing Literature in Travel Centers

Throughout the year, travel centers welcome a steady flow of tourists to the local area. People come from far and wide to enjoy quality time away from home with family and friends. Travel centers play an important role in highlighting all the great things the area has to offer.
Get the word out about local attractions with these helpful tips.

Show off local businesses.

Encourage retailers to promote their business with coupons and flyers. Ask restaurants to provide menus and daily meal specials. Invite local artists to decorate the walls with their work, give live demonstrations or leave brochures about their studio.
Place information front and center.

Choose a busy area(s) of the travel center to display information. Set up brochure racks where people wait in line, like outside restrooms, in front of service desks and beside cash registers.

Engage the whole family.

Fill your display rack with brochures geared toward people of all ages. Highlight amusement parks and family friendly activities on the bottom where the children can reach them. Promote wineries, theatres and other adult oriented attractions at higher heights.

Organize by location.

Arrange brochures according to the location of each attraction within the city, county or state. Highlight landmarks, museums and other places of interest within walking distance from the travel center too!

Promote special offers and discounts.

Place brochures with the most appeal in the forefront. Coupons, discounts and materials about popular local attractions should be easily spotted by anyone who passes by.

Travel centers give visitors the opportunity to view a quick snapshot of all an area has to offer. And, many vacationers plan to visit an attraction based on brochures they pick up at travel centers.

Display racks make it easy to organize travel brochures and offer powerful real estate to promote local businesses, events and places of interest. Great Display Company has a variety of display racks designed by people who use them. Call us today to discuss your travel center needs.

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