Great Displays Designed by People Who Use Them

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Great Displays Designed by People Who Use Them

We design great displays! Our high-quality literature displays are specifically designed to maximize volume, visibility, and traffic.

When Great Display Company’s parent company, Getaways On Display, was created in 1991 to distribute tourism brochures to travel agencies, we could not find the perfect literature racks to meet our needs. We needed to be able to provide a maximal inventory without compromising visibility or quality. In order to get the most reliable, most durable and functional display racks, we knew we had to design and produce them ourselves. The result was the product we now sell at Great Display Company. We design and manufacture great displays for your company or organization.

After over 21 years functioning as the foremost literature display manufacturer in the state of Pennsylvania, officially distributing displays for turnpikes and visitor centers with Pennsylvania on Display, we’ve personally experienced what display works, and, what simply doesn’t.

We’re not simply a manufacturer of a specialized tool we hope will work for your needs. We’ve actually developed and used our great displays for the needs of our very own business.

We’ve asked ourselves: What is the point of a display whose materials are hidden? Not only is it unprofessional, but it reduces traffic, as people either miss or are not drawn to your materials. Each and every single one of our displays boast a totally full-faced display– what you display will be seen. We design every single model to allow for full-faced literature visibility.

We also know that literature comes in all different kinds of weights and sizes, and– sometimes– flops over. We have a solution for that. Our retention rods are adjustable specifically to all literature proportions. No folding, no stuffing– just neat and simple stocking is the result. Not only is your literature easily seen– each and every stack of it– but it’s neat, too.

Whether you are in need of a modest Magazine Mover model, or our largest revolving display, the Revolution Display 72, all models here at Great Display Company are shipped fully assembled. If you need great displays that will not only look great, but display properly and last for decades, please browse our models or learn more about customization.

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