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Office Organization Ideas

Great Display Company’s Literature Display Racks Help Your Day-to-Day Office Work Run Smoothly

Clean up and display client information, common forms for employees, and school office and library forms with a hand-crafted, long-lasting literature display

It is far too easy to just let things pile up. Especially today, when most office documents have become digitized, paper copies around the workplace are oftentimes given little thought. But when it comes to customers at your business, clients in your office, or students and visitors in your school and library, easily accessible, clean, and organized physical copies for keep and display are often a necessity. Our literature display racks at Great Display Company are crafted with all of these traits– and more– in mind.

Literature displays help your day-to-day office work run smoothly

If your job requires easy-access to document copies, either for yourself or your clients and visitors, Great Display Company provides you with the potential for clarity of presentation. Our Countertop Magazine Mover and Countertop Brochure Mover are functionally mobile models great for simple, efficient, and open literature display for your own desk.

Literature displays provide critical client information at your fingertips

The Countertop Magazine Mover and Countertop Brochure Mover are also recommended models for organizing client information. Depending on the size of your clientele and the nature of your forms, the Countertop Revolution Displays are also fine models worth considering.

Literature displays organize common forms for employees

Great Display Company can help your Human Resources Department professionalize and organize with a solution as simple as a clean, durable display rack (or multiple!). Display forms and refill with ease, so your employees never need to search for documents they deserve. Some larger rotating and floor standing models may be most efficient for these purposes.

Literature displays clean up school offices and private and public libraries

Create efficiency and provide a clean look to your school office or library with any or all of our models. You may also customize a model to fit your own specific needs. Just ask us!

A Great Display is not only reserved for highway terminals and government offices– our highly-durable, hand-made displays can meet the needs of any and all types of individuals and businesses. Create efficiency with Great Display Company.

Tax Form Organization

Great Display Company and the Tax Preparer: Professionally Organize and Display Client Folders with our Durable Literature Displays

As we mentioned in our previous post on the New Year, many people organize according to their own ‘system.’ Although this may work for our own selves, when it comes to professionalism, sometimes this system can take away from the peace of mind of clientele, customers, or visitors. Especially if your job is to handle very sensitive information, you need to do your best not only to organize properly, but also show your customers and clients that you are indeed organized and know what you are doing. When your office space is clearly put into place, your customers and clients will be reassured that their information is in conscientious hands.

It is not only about being organized, but also presenting to others that you are organized.

When it comes to organization, tax preparation professionals are absolutely strapped for time and space. We at Great Display Company really believe that one of our durable, professional quality, attractive literature display racks will not only create efficiency in your office, but also give your customers greater peace of mind when they hand their forms over to your care.
Ask us about customizing your literature display racks with colors designating local, state, and federal tax form storage locations, or section complete and incomplete forms by color. If your clients come into your office and see seamless organization like this, their trust in you may increase considerably.
Practically any of our model types might suite a tax preparer’s needs for tax form organization. From Rotating Displays or Counter Display Racks, depending on the volume of your client base, we can help you find the right option for you.
Our most popular models, the Revolution Display in five sizes sports smooth rotational capabilities without sacrificing full-faced literature visibility.
If you require something lower to the ground, our space-saving model, the Advanced Literature Display, ships fully assembled at 37.5″ Wide and 45.5” High.
We are happy to ship all large display cases at a flat rate of only $95 for ground shipping within the continental United States. We take advantage of the entire truck pallet, wrapping and securing our displays to ensure safe delivery.
It is possible to revitalize your tax services and your clients’ trust with a change as simple as a Great Display literature display rack. For great ideas and help with tax form organization Contact us now!

Office Organizing Ideas

Office Organizing Ideas

office organization ideas - cleaning up office clutterMeetings, taxes, renovations, sales plans and reviews…The new year calls for reevaluation and readjustment in many facets of the business world. One facet often left far too quiet is reorganization. It is so very easy for office members to make a habit of a personal ‘system’ in organizing that, before you know it, things become lost, business is slowed, and, most critically, customers receive a less-than-professional experience.

 Mistakes, mess, and clutter occur all the time, and it is simply a consequence of the modern work load. Why not create organization and neatness?

 Office organization ideas are not just parts of speech– we bring the idea into a concrete solution!  We at Great Display Company seek to provide you with the opportunity for organization and neatness  every single day through our hand-crafted, high-quality, ultra-volume display cases. We’re not simply a manufacturer of a specialized tool we hope will work for your needs. We’ve actually developed and used our displays for the needs of our very own business. After over 21 years of brochure distribution for the State of Pennsylvania and abroad with Pennsylvania On Display, we’ve learned what works for displays, and, what simply doesn’t.

 For business, we can recommend a few perfect options as office organization ideas:

 The Countertop Revolution Display manages seamless rotational capabilities and full-faced visibility while maintaining the professional craftsmanship and durability you can expect from Lancaster County. Available in 24, 16, and 8 pockets adjustable to meet a wide array of literature sizes, the Countertop Revolution Display is a sensible choice for organizing around, or displaying materials alongside, office spaces. Forget the file cabinets and instead treat your customers to a visible office space with documents or forms you might offer them, establishing greater trust. Shelves and inner walls are resilient Komatex plastic and are available in White, Beige or Black.

 If you are looking for something a bit smaller or for personal cubical use– or maybe something to leave with the secretary– the Countertop Magazine Mover and the Countertop Brochure Mover are easily transportable models great for easy, simple, and open literature display.


And what about the waiting room?

Do you have magazines scattered all over the lamp desks and tables in your waiting room? What a common sight in almost every doctor’s office! Office organization ideas for this one are pretty simple: Organize with a beautiful, durable, and attractive Magazine Mover.

 Available in single-, double-, and triple-wide, our floor standing bin displays offer high volume magazine distribution capacity. Each Magazine Mover offers a 3 ¼” High logo and/or message space above Plexiglas protection for a single, double, or triple sample copy display. These three floor standing laminated wood magazine displays allows for maximum vertical stocking while preserving space for both you and your visitors.


Great Display Company is proud to ship all large display cases at a flat rate of only $95 for ground shipping within the continental United States. We take advantage of the entire truck pallet, wrapping and securing our displays to ensure safe delivery.

Are you ready to organize and re-professionalize your new year, and begin fresh again? We can help. Give us a call!     

Organizing church literature for guests – focus on making the most of the holidays

Getting the right information into the hands of those who need it.

Christmas is only a week away, and although shopping and last minute preparations often absorb much of our attention, special time for family and friends and closeness is often a very difficult burden for those struggling, separated, or in financial distress. This is the time when churches and mission groups strive to gather their resources and do what they can for others in light of a season of giving. If your church displays literature, there is no better time to organize, restock, and re-evalute your plans than right now.

With years of experience in the brochure distribution sector, we understand the importance of space and display location. What you place in your displays needs to be seen, but your visitors and guests also need to move, need to browse, and need to be able to actually take materials out of the displays without damage to the literature.

Especially during the Christmas season, your literature can have major impacts on your church members, their family and friends, and anyone else with whom they come in contact. Maybe you have yet to display literature in your church, or perhaps your church members are failing to take notice of all the resources you have provided for them.

Literature Racks that are Great for Church Literature

– here’s our recommendation for you…

We design and develop display racks with both visibility and maneuverability in mind. Our most popular model, the Revolution Display sports seamless rotational capabilities without sacrificing full-faced literature visibility. Available in both 48 and 72 pockets, this durable laminated wooden rotating display made by hand right here in Lancaster, PA is a perfect choice for houses of worship, especially church libraries. A sizable selection of literature can be easily organized without clogging walking and moving room, while allowing pocket space for 8.5” x 11” magazines and sales materials, or smaller literature side-by-side such as brochures, pamphlets and tri-folds.

 With the Revolutionary Display, children can also easily access literature you display on the bottom-most racks, without easily disorganizing the literature or knocking things over, given our durable retention rods.

 Maybe you need something a little smaller? Larger? Electronic? We have all these options and more for you, including customization options. All of our larger display cases are shipped fully assembled with a flat rate of only $95 for ground shipping on our largest racks within the continental United States. We take advantage of the entire truck pallet, wrapping and securing our displays to ensure safe delivery.

Christmas is around the corner, but the Christmas season never ends. There is always time and always opportunity for Great Display, so give us a call! (800) 320-2512. Or, shop displays that are great for displaying church literature online.


Holiday Tourism – getting the word out about local attractions – displaying literature well – getting your travel center ready for the holidays

Christmas time brings family and friends together, and this often means families have the opportunity to share their homes and towns with their relatives. Lancaster Country is so beautiful and filled with such interesting people, places, and history, who would not want to take the Queens natives for a drive around Amish Country or stop in Central Market?

If you already display literature in your place of business, now more than ever is the time to organize and stock up, ensuring that your patrons have the best chance to know all that your hometown or attraction has to offer this season.

Even the most well-written and eye-popping literature might gather dust if not properly displayed and seen. Given the huge influx of patrons you can expect each Christmas, thorough and effective organization is key. After over 21 years of brochure distribution for the State of Pennsylvania and abroad, we’ve learned what display works, and, what simply doesn’t.

Does your display case have retention rods? Secure all your literature to its exacting proportions. Our ‘retention rods’ (link to accessories) conform to many paper sizes, and make sure your literature is both neat and held strong. It will be much more difficult for all the hands and eyes searching through your materials to disrupt any order with retention rods firmly in place.

Maybe you already have purchased our premium, hand-crafted displays, and now you just need to find a way to bring more eye-power to your presentation. Do not be afraid to decorate around your display! As long as you are not disrupting moving and walking space, or causing any potential reason for injury, decorations will great increase visitation to your display. Flowers, ribbons, and relocating your display near the Christmas tree or a fireplace in your business could make a huge difference!

Or maybe you never displayed in your business before, and this is also the very first time you have stumbled upon Great Display Company. In that case: perfect timing! You can provide a service for your patrons at a time when they are seeking opportunities to spend special times together as family and friends. We’ve been in the brochure and display business for a long time, and we’ve seen a lot. Please check out our website or give us a call that we might space with you. We’d love to speak with you and work with you to choose the best display option for your particular needs.

Great Displays Designed by People Who Use Them

We design great displays! Our high-quality literature displays are specifically designed to maximize volume, visibility, and traffic.

When Great Display Company’s parent company, Getaways On Display, was created in 1991 to distribute tourism brochures to travel agencies, we could not find the perfect literature racks to meet our needs. We needed to be able to provide a maximal inventory without compromising visibility or quality. In order to get the most reliable, most durable and functional display racks, we knew we had to design and produce them ourselves. The result was the product we now sell at Great Display Company. We design and manufacture great displays for your company or organization.

After over 21 years functioning as the foremost literature display manufacturer in the state of Pennsylvania, officially distributing displays for turnpikes and visitor centers with Pennsylvania on Display, we’ve personally experienced what display works, and, what simply doesn’t.

We’re not simply a manufacturer of a specialized tool we hope will work for your needs. We’ve actually developed and used our great displays for the needs of our very own business.

We’ve asked ourselves: What is the point of a display whose materials are hidden? Not only is it unprofessional, but it reduces traffic, as people either miss or are not drawn to your materials. Each and every single one of our displays boast a totally full-faced display– what you display will be seen. We design every single model to allow for full-faced literature visibility.

We also know that literature comes in all different kinds of weights and sizes, and– sometimes– flops over. We have a solution for that. Our retention rods are adjustable specifically to all literature proportions. No folding, no stuffing– just neat and simple stocking is the result. Not only is your literature easily seen– each and every stack of it– but it’s neat, too.

Whether you are in need of a modest Magazine Mover model, or our largest revolving display, the Revolution Display 72, all models here at Great Display Company are shipped fully assembled. If you need great displays that will not only look great, but display properly and last for decades, please browse our models or learn more about customization.

Why We Make Beautiful, Durable Literature Displays

Stylish, Functional Literature Displays.

Great Display Company Offers Over Two Decades of Quality, Craftsmanship, and Thoughtful Design.

By tailoring our literature displays to our own needs– to withstand any and all high-volume traffic– we are able to maximize functionality without sacrificing style. When our parent company, Getaways On Display, was created in 1991 to distribute tourism brochures to travel agencies, we could not find the perfect display to meet our needs. Instead of searching and making compromises, we decided to design and produce our own literature displays.

Our literature displays – constructed with heated particleboard fusion and pressure-formed plastic– are so durable that even to this day, displays we placed over 15 years ago are still in use!

With over 21 years of quality, craftsmanship, and functionality, we promise durable construction. If you need a high quality, attractive rack that holds your literature in an organized, easily visible way, you can be confident when you look to us. We produce literature displays in a variety of shapes and sizes, from counter-top models with as few as 1 pocket, to compact, revolving displays with up to 72 pockets, in addition to video displays. We also offer customization.

We do not have lines and lines of machinery. Instead, we make sure each and every rack is built with care, patience, and skill. Our head carpenter Michael holds a degree in Cabinetmaking and Wood Technology from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. He has skillfully hand-crafted hundreds of quality models that are constructed of durable materials.

Not only do our literature displays outlast physical use, they are also environmentally sustainable. We construct our displays with high quality Melamine. The Melamine product is manufactured using 100% recycled and recovered wood fiber. You can be assured that you have chosen well when you purchase one of our quality literature displays.

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