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Great Display Company FAQ

Answers to Your Questions

Q: Do you make all the displays by hand?
A: Of course! All of our displays are hand-crafted by a professional cabinetmaker and, when needed an additional team. Our company is based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Q: Can the pockets on displays hold different sizes of literature?
A: Yes. By adjusting the clear plastic rods that come with the displays, it is easy to securely display many sizes of literature. The rods are flexible enough to position in the display in the pre-drilled holes. They are clear so the full face of brochures, flyers and magazines can be viewed. Position the rods high or low to accommodate the literature you are displaying.

    Get more information on our replacement rod page.

Q: Are the literature displays shipped fully assembled?
A: We do, and with a flat rate of only $95 for ground shipping on our largest racks within the continental U.S. Through much testing and modification, we now successfully ship displays fully assembled. We take advantage of the entire truck pallet, wrapping and securing our displays to ensure safe delivery.

Q: I looked through your website, and I do not quite see what I want. Do you make custom displays?
A: If you do not see something that works for you, please, contact us, let us see what we can do. We can customize given you have a rough idea what it is you want or what it is you are trying to do with your display.

Q: Your flat rate for shipping within the continental U.S. is $95 for large displays, but that seems expensive given the delivery destination is so close to your warehouse. Can’t you ship another way?
A: Potentially. Please give us a call at (800)-320-2512 to inquire about shipping discounts if you live within 100 miles of Lancaster, PA.

Q: Is my display insured via transit?
A: Products damaged in transit will be repaired or replaced provided you notify the appropriate shipping company upon delivery.

Q: Getaways on Display…Pennsylvania on Display…Do you make displays or do you distribute brochures?
A: We started in the brochure distribution service. We distribute brochures to Pennsylvania rest stops and truck stops– whenever you see brochures and display cases there with tourist information, we may be the ones in charge of stocking all of that. We are successful because we could produce such reliable display cases thanks to our personal experience in the travel literature business. It wasn’t easy at first, but after a while, we learned to craft the most high-quality, useful, and sustainable work. We are really the only producer of our kind in the nation. You’d be hard-pressed to find better literature displays than ours.

Q: I would like a display with travel brochures in my businesses for my customers’ use. Do you have other options?
A: Yes! If you’d like a display for your business, you can contract with us to deliver and install your display for no charge. The contract stipulates that you may not add anything of your own to the display, and only we may stock and restock. If at any time you no longer want the display, you may request for us to remove it free of charge. This is a great way to add a reliable service for your customers, and it makes your restaurant, for example, more professionally appealing.

Great Display Company will:
1. Deliver, set-up, and maintain a brochure display.
2. Regularly replenish the supply of brochures including hotels, resorts, attractions, and area promotion brochures.
3. Continually obtain new contracts from brochure suppliers to provide a wide variety of desirable brochures.
4. Retain ownership of the display and remove it if ever the location no longer needs it.
5. Leave no empty pockets. Use all pockets, all the time.

Click here for more information about your business or organization becoming a Getaways On Display Brochure Distribution location.